Azer Koçulu

I build software, shoot photos & videos and sometimes travel around.

he-yo, selam

I'm Azer, a passionate software engineer, and a traveler documenting his journey with photographs and videos. I was born and raised in Turkey, then moved to Bay Area / California on 2011 and left there on 2016 to travel the world with my wife Nova. I usually have time for steeping tea or writing a poem if I'm home, exploring around and hitchhiking if I'm out. Currently I live in Ubud and work on my new venture Kozmos.

software projects

I currently work on various projects as an independent engineer, and some of them are open source projects that you can check out on my Github. I'll highlight three other projects that I started;

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The kind of beauty I appreciate most is incomplete and imperfect. Imagine an apple in a photograph or a movie, would you like it if the apple looks shiny and nicely shaped ? To me, an apple with bird bites or other bug holes is beautiful. This explains what I try to show you in below photos; a natural and imperfect beauty. Each photo was shot in a few seconds without staging or preperation. All I do is sharing a moment that I thought it was quite beautiful.

Hasankeyf, January 2015
Munzur River, February 2017
Havana, February 2016
Syrian - Turkish Border, January 2015
California, August 2015
Maadid, October 2016
Dersim, February 2017
Jakarta, July 2015
Erzincan, March 2017


Just like photos, I like documenting spontenous moments with videos. When a photo is not powerful enough, I switch my camera to the video mode and capture the moment. Below are my solo video projects, you can also check out the Comrades Music Video and Refugee Here I Am Documentary that I participated in.

Hitchhiking Morocco (2017)
The Birds of Hasankeyf (2015)
Sidimohamed Bouhlal (2016)
Mother's Journey (2015)